Naval Air Warfare Center
West Trenton, NJ
The Naval Air Warfare Center (NAWC) was a U.S. Navy jet engine testing facility for military aircraft from the mid-1950’s until the late 1990’s. As a result of the activities at the facility, tricholoethlylene (TCE), jet fuel, and other chemicals have leaked into the subsurface. The NAWC covers 67 acres and has large jet-engine test buildings, associated service buildings, hangers, and scores of smaller support structures all interconnected with a vast network of aboveground and underground service lines.

NAWC was decommissioned on October 15, 1998 and has been divided and sold. It is bordered by the Mercer County Airport on the east, north, and west and by Parkway Avenue on the south. Commercial and industrial firms occupy the south side of Parkway Avenue. Freight train tracks separate the eastern from the western part of the base.

Investigations of the groundwater contamination at the site began in the late 1980's. By the mid-1990's, the pump and treat facility was in operation. The Navy demonstrated to the EPA that the pump and treat facility remedy was operating properly and successfully.

I focused on finding foliage to photograph on a late October day in 2010 when I found myself intrigued by the NAWC campus;  I stumbled upon, among other things, the bones of a dead animal.

Camera: Minolta Maxxum 800si 35mm SLR

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